When you are involved in a Florida slip and fall accident, you are likely to have questions about liability, particularly if the accident occurred on a commercial property where you do not know the owner. In a slip and fall case, the liable party is typically:

  • The owner of the property;
  • The owner of the business operating on the property;
  • An employee on a commercial property; and/or
  • The person or business who is renting the property

In personal injury claims, you are required to prove negligence before qualifying for any compensation for your injuries. Your Ft. Lauderdale injury attorney will work with you to gather the evidence necessary to prove negligence in a Florida slip and fall claim.

To prove that a property owner was aware of a hazardous or dangerous condition, you must present evidence that demonstrates:

  • The property owner was responsible for creating the danger or
  • The property owner was aware of the condition, but failed to fix the problem.

Your Ft. Lauderdale injury attorney can investigate whether the property owner was practicing appropriate safety protocols and routine inspections of the property for hazardous conditions. A failure to address critical safety violations is an example of inexcusable negligence that can lead to serious injury accidents.

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Contacting a Ft. Lauderdale Injury Attorney

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