In a Florida personal injury claim, clear and convincing evidence plays a crucial part throughout the various stages of the legal proceedings. Therefore, it is your duty to begin preserving the necessary evidence immediately after a serious accident takes place. Your Ft. Lauderdale personal injury attorney can review your personal injury case and use solid evidence to build a compelling case.

Some of the kinds of evidence typically preserved include:

  • photographs of your injuries and damage;
  • police report officially documenting what happened;
  • eyewitness statements to further attest that your claims are true; and
  • receipts of medical bills, treatment you received, and other related expenses.

An experienced Ft. Lauderdale personal injury attorney may also advise you to keep a daily journal. This can help sketch a good picture of your emotions from the time of the accident to the present, improvement or deterioration of injuries, and changes to your daily activities.

To prove negligence, the state of Florida uses the comparative negligence rule. This means the court will evaluate the case from both sides to see if you were responsible for the accident in any way. The percentage to which you were at fault will then be deducted from whatever settlement you receive. An experienced Ft. Lauderdale personal injury attorney can help prove that you were least at fault in the accident.

Contacting a Ft. Lauderdale Personal Injury Attorney

After being involved in a traumatic accident, you should not have to exacerbate the situation by worrying about court proceedings. If another person’s negligence caused you to incur serious injuries in an accident in Florida, you should consult a Ft. Lauderdale personal injury attorney. An experienced attorney at Ellsley Sobol, P.L. can help you file a personal injury claim and get you the compensation you deserve. Contact us today to schedule a no cost case review 954-888-7720 or toll-free 888-258-6914.