Hurricane Irma has now passed through Florida and she has left much damage behind.  The path of the storm destroyed the beautiful Florida Keys with a direct hit in the Middle Keys.  Many of you who may have been affected by the storm will face a long and stressful struggle to repair, rebuild, and replace your homes and your businesses.  Insurance companies sold wind and flood policies to Florida consumers like you and did so with the promise of protecting you after a hurricane, storm surge, and flood.

As important as it is to prepare for the arrival of the storm, it is just as important to make sure that your insurance company provides you full, complete, and timely payment so that you can quickly begin to rebuild your home and your business and put your life back together.  The steps you take immediately after the storm are crucial.  You must preserve and present your claim to your insurance company in the proper manner so that you can obtain a fair, just, and timely payment from the insurance company who has been collecting your premiums for years.  It is time now for the insurance that you paid for to justify its existence.  The insurance companies who sell the homeowners policies and business owners policies must pay you the compensation that is required under the insurance policy and not deny, delay, and decrease your payment.

If your home, condominium, apartment, or business has been damaged by a hurricane, storm surge, or flood, you deserve a well-qualified, well-recognized law firm that you can trust to fight for you. The lawyers at The Ellsley Law Firm have recovered millions of dollars on behalf our clients.

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