Your vehicle is replaceable, and with proper treatment, your injuries may heal. However, lost wages and work opportunities resulting from an accident may impact you for a lifetime. While you’re recovering from an accident, you may miss days at work, and in unfortunate situations, you may endure short-term or long-term disabilities that might reduce your potential to earn future wages.

Additionally, because accidents take such a heavy physical and emotional toll on the ones involved, it may be difficult for you to live up to your full potential after the accident. This may lead to a loss of work opportunities that you would have taken advantage of if the accident had never occurred. In Florida, if you have lost wages or work opportunities as a result of an accident, you may be entitled to compensation for your losses.

To recover these damages, you will need to present documentation or evidence of the losses sustained, whether it’s in the form of documentation and/or testimony from your employer or expert testimony from an experienced professional. When it comes to protecting your livelihood you should hire experienced lawyers that will be at their best during your toughest times.

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