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The rapid increase in the availability of mobile device technology has significantly contributed to a recent increase in distracted driving. A study conducted by insurance company EverQuote revealed that an estimated 92 percent of people who own cell phones nationwide have used their device at least once while driving in the past 30 days. Florida ranked second to Louisiana among states with the highest rate of distracted driving. In 2016, the state reported nearly 50,000 car accidents that involved distracted driving.

Texting while driving in Florida

Each state has enacted its own version of a ban on texting while driving. With a texting ban that is slightly more lax than most others, Florida is one of only five states that do not allow law enforcement to pull over drivers solely on the basis of texting while on the road. Because texting is not considered a primary offense, local police officers in Plantation and throughout Florida must observe that a driver is committing another violation prior to conducting a roadside stop and citing the driver for the texting offense.

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Other Forms of Distracted Driving

While texting has generated a renewed interest in cracking down on distracted driving, people have been driving with distractions for as long as cars have existed. Busier lifestyles and longer commutes have further fueled the temptation to multitask while driving. Other common forms of distracted driving are:

  • eating while driving
  • grooming
  • reading
  • emailing
  • talking on the phone
  • turning around to address a passenger in the backseat

Dangers of distracted driving

Car accidents pose the largest threat to distracted drivers. Rear-end collisions are more likely to take place when attention is diverted away from the surrounding traffic conditions. A distracted driver may have difficulty braking to avoid colliding with another vehicle if he or she misses a stop sign or proceeds through an intersection during a red light. When traveling next to a large truck, distracted drivers risk lingering in a commercial vehicle's blind spot if they are not paying attention to their lane position in relation to other vehicles. Other dangers distracted driving poses include spilling hot food or drink during a sudden stop, hitting a pedestrian or a stationary object, and driving off the road or into otherwise hazardous or restricted areas. Drivers keep themselves and others safe when they avoid distractions while their vehicle is in motion.

Victims of distracted driving

The most unfortunate outcomes of distracted driving are injury and death. Individuals who are injured in a distracted driving accident should contact a Plantation personal injury lawyer who has experience with distracted driving cases. Those who are injured in distracted driving accidents may be eligible to receive compensation from the other party due to the distracted driver's negligence. An experienced lawyer can enlist the help of trained specialists to investigate the accident to gather all the necessary facts to prove the negligent driver was at fault. In some cases, the injured party may also be eligible to also receive compensation for pain and suffering experienced as a result of the accident. These damages are in addition to compensation for tangible expenses such as medical bills and lost wages.

Call a Plantation injury attorney

When calling an a Plantation auto accident attorney for the first time, a member of the lawyer's team will conduct a free case consultation. During the consultation, a representative from the law office will ask questions to determine the basic facts of the case. All communication will remain confidential. The attorney will then determine whether the individual has a valid cause of action and inform the individual of his or her legal options. The individual may then decide whether he or she wishes to pursue compensation by filing a claim. Throughout the process, the lawyer will advise and represent the injured party in pre-trial proceedings and, if necessary, in court. Contacting a lawyer is the best way an accident victim can ensure all legal requirements for filing a claim are met. Having counsel like The Ellsley Law Firm by your side during settlement negotiations and in court can help the injured party put his or her best, most professional foot forward while remaining free to focus on the more immediate task of recovering physically, mentally, and financially. Because Florida imposes a four-year statute of limitations on car accident injury cases, accident victims should contact an attorney as early as possible to begin the process of filing a claim.


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