Parking Lot Accidents
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Most people think of parking lots as safe zones because they are self-contained and set aside from traffic. However, the nature of parking lots lends these areas to a variety of different types of accidents. Despite the slow speeds at which vehicles generally move in parking lots, collisions are quite common. In some cases, parking lot accidents in Plantation may even cause serious injury. Nevertheless, because accidents that occur in parking lots are often treated differently than accidents on the road, those who are involved in an incident must exercise extra diligence in preparing to file a claim.

Contacting law enforcement

Parking lots are generally considered to be private property; therefore, these areas are typically not governed by the traffic laws that apply to streets and highways. In fact, it is likely police in Plantation may refuse to come to the scene of a parking lot accident as these situations tend to rank lower on the priority list for many police departments. If an officer is not available to take a report at the scene of the accident, all parties involved should exchange contact information along with drivers license and license plate details. If possible, the involved parties should attempt to collect the same information from all witnesses who were present at the time of the accident and saw the incident take place. Individuals who are involved in a parking lot accident should also take detailed photos of the accident scene from different angles and also photo the surroundings and all property damage. Documenting the accident is especially important for individuals who are injured in a parking lot accident and wish to file a claim against a negligent driver.

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Causes of parking lot accidents

Florida parking lot accidents can have several causes. Similar to accidents on the state's roadways, rear-end, side-impact, head-on, and pedestrian accidents may take place. Some common causes of accidents in local parting lots include:

  • distracted driving
  • aggressive driving
  • obstructed view
  • excessive speed
  • hazardous driving conditions

While drivers have a duty to remain careful and vigilant when operating a vehicle in a lot, parking lot owners must also maintain the lot in satisfactory condition to enable drivers to navigate the area safely. A broken light may impair nighttime drivers while unattended patches of ice may cause the surface to be slippery during the winter. These conditions may be contributing factors in a parking lot accident.

Filing a claim

An individual who is injured in a parking lot accident due to a driver's negligence may be able to file a claim for compensation. If the injured party is required to miss work in addition to receiving medical evaluation and treatment, he or she may be awarded compensation for medical bills and lost wages. To begin the process of filing an accident claim, the injured party or his or her family should contact a Plantation personal injury lawyer. The attorney should have a proven track record in handling parking lot accident cases. Upon contacting the attorney, the victim can expect to be interviewed regarding the accident to determine all plausible next steps. The injured party may then decide whether he or she would like to proceed as advised by the attorney, who, if retained, would then assume the responsibility of filing the individual's claim. The case evaluation is conducted free of charge, and, furthermore, the attorney's office would not charge a fee unless they are able to successfully win the injured plaintiff's case. Therefore, accident victims have nothing to lose by contacting a personal injury attorney to receive a free case evaluation.

Building a winning case

Florida's personal injury laws are somewhat complex. Therefore, most accident victims require help beyond documenting the accident scene. An auto accident attorney in Plantation can enlist the help of experts to help piece together the scene of the accident and determine fault. In addition, the attorney is able to ensure the injured party has undergone proper medical evaluation to document the extent of his or her injuries and to determine the treatments that are necessary for recovery. A seasoned accident attorney will have the resources at his or her disposal to build a successful case and to help accident victims protect their rights and receive the help and support they deserve. Individuals who have been injured in a parking lot accident should take a step toward protecting their rights by contacting a qualified Plantation accident attorney today.


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