Side-Impact Collisions
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Second to head-on collisions, side-impact crashes are among the deadliest types of car accidents. These accidents are known by a variety of names, including broad-side collisions, T-boning, and single angle crashes. As all the names suggest, side-impact accidents occur when the front of one car directly impacts the side of another. A driver may collide with the side of another vehicle when he or she has run a red light or stop sign. Therefore, these accidents tend to happen at intersections and at least one of the involved vehicles is typically traveling at a fast rate of speed, which makes side-impact collisions much more dangerous.

Cars are extra vulnerable when hit from the side

Vehicle safety features have steadily advanced over the past several decades. However, the sides of a vehicle still leave the people inside vulnerable to impact during a t-bone collision. Structurally, a car's side panels lack the protection found in the front and the rear. Furthermore, side airbags are still not standard on most vehicles. Drivers and passengers are especially vulnerable inside vehicles that fall below current safety standards. Therefore, side-impact accidents often result in severe injuries.

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Side-impact accident injuries

The extent to which parties may be injured in a side-impact accident varies from incident to incident. However, high speeds and the position of impact can especially leave the occupants on the impacted side vulnerable to severe injury. Nevertheless, anyone can be injured in a side-impact collision regardless of position in the vehicle; therefore; it is imperative that everyone who is involved in an accident get examined by medical personnel immediately following the accident. Some severe injuries that are commonly seen in side-impact accidents include:

  • broken or crushed bones
  • neck injuries
  • back injuries
  • spinal injuries
  • nerve damage
  • brain injury
  • soft tissue damage
  • organ damage
  • chest injury
  • paralysis
  • pelvic fractures

Compensation for side-impact crash victims

Severe injuries require long-term medical attention and treatment. Accident Victims often must miss work while they recover, which can result in lost wages. Fortunately, individuals who are injured as a result of a side-impact collision may be eligible to receive compensation for lost wages and medical expenses. If the accident was caused by someone else's negligence, the victim may file a claim in court in the event that the negligent party's insurance company refuses to properly compensate the victim for his or her injury. The process of negotiating with an insurance company is often cumbersome and requires a thorough understanding of the local laws that apply to car accidents in Florida.

Comparative negligence

In some cases, an accident victim may have been partially at fault for the accident that caused his or her injury. It is important for accident victims to know that their claim will not necessarily be barred by a Florida court even if they share a minor degree of fault. A court may award compensation to an injured plaintiff but reduce the total amount of compensation to reflect the plaintiff's percentage of fault in the accident. For example, if a court determines the accident victim is 10 percent at fault for causing the accident, he or she will receive 90 percent of the original award amount. For most people, navigating Florida's comparative negligence rule requires the help of an experienced Florida car accident lawyer. An attorney can examine the facts of the case and enlist the help of specialized professionals who can offer additional assistance and expertise in determining fault.

Retaining an auto accident lawyer near you

After immediately undergoing medical examination and contacting family, an accident victim's next call should be to a reputable car wreck attorney who is experienced in representing Plantation auto accident victims. Our firm is available to provide a free, confidential case evaluation. Following the evaluation, the injured party may decide whether he or she would like to pursue the attorney's recommended steps toward seeking compensation. If the victim chooses to seek compensation for medical bills and lost wages under the advice of the lawyer, the attorney will represent the injured party in all pre-trial negotiations and, if necessary, in court. The attorney can support the injured party navigating the complex court system in addition to protecting the victims' legal rights both in and out of court. Contact The Ellsley Law Firm now to discover why we're the right choice to handle your case.


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