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On average, more than 100,000 people are issued speeding citations each day nationwide. Receiving a speeding ticket can be both expensive and annoying. However, like all states, Florida's local speeding laws are in place to keep people safe on the roads. Not only can excessive speed cause an accident, but driving too fast can also increase the severity of a collision that might have otherwise cause limited damage if the accident had occurred at lower speed. Individuals who are injured by a driver in a speed-related accident in Plantation may be entitled to receive compensation to cover lost wages and medical expenses.

Speeding can result in collision

As a driver's rate of speed increases, his or her ability to safely make a sudden stop diminishes. Therefore, drivers who speed are more prone to running red lights and unanticipated stop signs. If pedestrians, animals, or other vehicles enter their path unexpectedly, a collision is more likely to occur. In hazardous road conditions, such as winter weather conditions, heavy rain, or limited visibility, a driver is less able to maintain control of the vehicle and navigate the hazard with caution if he or she is traveling at an excessive speed. In parking lots, vehicles that are attempting to leave a parking space may not be able to anticipate and avoid a driver who approaches quickly in an otherwise low-speed setting. Therefore, speeding reduces an individual's window of opportunity to think and carefully manage the surrounding and ever-changing driving conditions.

Auto Accidents & Insurance Disputes

Seek Out a Florida attorney in the event of an accident

Parties who are injured in a Plantation speeding accident should first seek medical attention, then call a Florida personal injury attorney who is well-versed in car accident cases. An experienced accident attorney can ensure the injured party properly documents his or her injury and receives all the necessary medical examinations to support his or her claim for compensation. The attorney will examine the facts of the case and work to determine who is at fault for the accident. Next, the attorney will file a claim and present the injured party's case in pre-trial negotiations and, if necessary, in court before a judge. Many cases reach a satisfactory conclusion if the plaintiff is offered an adequate settlement prior to going to trial. However, if the parties do not reach a settlement, the attorney will represent the injured party on his or her day in court. Having a qualified Florida accident attorney can help injured victims protect their rights and ensure all legal procedures are properly followed to avoid potentially costly errors when filing a claim.

Complexity of Florida law

Florida is a no-fault state. Therefore, drivers are required to carry a no-fault policy. The no-fault policy covers the insurer's injuries if he or she is involved in an accident that does not cause more than $10,000 in damage. Florida is also a comparative negligence state. Under the comparative negligence theory, a plaintiff's recovery may be limited by the percentage which corresponds to his or her amount of fault in an accident. Filing a personal injury claim in Florida can be complicated by the laws that may apply in certain cases. Most people lack the knowledge of the law to successfully pursue a more complicated claim in court. Therefore, every accident victim who wishes to pursue compensation for his or her injuries should first consult an experienced attorney. In cases that involve speeding, an attorney will consult experts to help prove the other party's rate of speed was a direct cause of the accident and the plaintiff's injury.

When should I Contact a car accident attorney near me?

Immediately following an accident in Plantation, the injured party should call a car accident lawyer to receive a case evaluation. The consultation will be conducted free of charge, and all details will remain confidential. Once the attorney has determined whether the potential claim is valid, the injured party may then decide how he or she wants to proceed in terms of seeking compensation for his or her injuries. Consultations are no-obligation, risk-free assessments. Therefore, it is within ever accident victim's best interest to contact an attorney. Florida imposes a statute of limitations of four years on personal injury claims that relate to car accidents; therefore, it is best to contact a lawyer soon after the accident rather than later. If a individuals is unable to contact an attorney due to the severity of their injury or because the accident resulted in death, the injured party's family may contact an attorney to file a claim on his or her behalf.

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