Nursing Home Neglect and Elder Abuse

South Florida is home to many of our elderly parents and grandparents. When health issues make it necessary for admission to a nursing home or assisted living facility, our elders deserve to be free from the type of neglect and abuse that all too often occurs. Most nursing homes and assisted living facilities operating in South Florida are owned and managed by multi-national conglomerates seeking to make as much money as possible. They have targeted South Florida’s elderly population and they generally have little or no concern about the physical and emotional well-being of their residents.

Although many of the nurses and nurses’ aides who staff these facilities are caring folks trying to make ends meet at their own home, they are all too often overworked at the facility. The facilities are almost always seriously understaffed. Regrettably, there are many employees of these facilities who really do not care about whether their residents suffer from Stage IV pressure sores, multiple falls, or infections. These employees often make no effort to communicate with the resident and are simply there to take the minimum wages that they are paid by the management company. Most nursing home neglect and abuse cases are caused when the corporate management structure completely and utterly fails to obey the applicable federal, state and local laws. Under federal and state law each nursing home resident has been legislatively granted certain enumerated legal rights – “The Resident’s Bill of Rights”. Each facility is required to post these rights in a conspicuous location and obey these rights so that the residents are not harmed.

In proving our nursing home and elder abuse cases, we work with doctors and nurses specializing in geriatrics, orthopedics, and infectious disease. This provides the jury with an accurate picture of what caused the neglect and abuse of our client. It is often helpful if the victim or victim’s family take digital photographs as soon as an injury is visible.

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