Cartoons often depict characters slipping on a banana peel, falling head over feet, then getting back up as if nothing happened. Unfortunately, this rarely happens in real life, and such a mishap could have damaging — even tragic — consequences. When you’re hurt due to the negligence of a property owner, you may be entitled to significant compensation to pay for lost wages, medical bills and other related expenses. If you've been injured on someone's property due to negligence, you might have a strong premises liability case. Immediately contact a Plantation slip and fall lawyer to learn how you can hold the negligent accountable.

What constitutes a slip and fall?

A slip and fall accident doesn’t necessarily include both of these factors. Though you might slide briefly on a slick floor before falling, you could also trip over something on the ground, causing the fall. Residential property owners can be just as negligent in the eyes of Broward County courts. You could suffer injuries in a fall while visiting a relative, friend or even neighbor.

Reasons for a fall

Many conditions could lead to a fall with injuries. One of the most common is a lack of maintenance on the exterior of the owner’s property. A broken sidewalk, overgrown weeds or potholes in a parking lot can all cause a fall. Property owners also are responsible for interior maintenance. Rips or tears in a carpet, a wet shop floor or objects scattered across the floor could cause you to trip or slip and fall. A lack of warning signs near dangerous areas or inadequate lighting also could cause these mishaps, which could all cause serious bodily harm, necessitating the need for an expert Plantation injury lawyer.

Premises Liability & Wrongful Death

Common injuries

Many Plantation victims of slip and fall accidents initially are more embarrassed than they are sore. They might rush to leave the area, fueled by adrenaline, only to find out hours or even days and weeks later that they suffered a concussion or other serious injuries that weren’t apparent at the time. Many victims break bones or sprain muscles due to the abrupt movement. A fall could cause damage to the sciatic nerve, which could cause massive shooting pains in your lower body and intense pain in your lower back.

Premises liability

Florida's premises liability statute states that an injured person must prove that one of three things is true. You can show that the person who owns the property or someone who lives or works there caused the issue that led to your fall such as an employee destroying a piece of carpet or a homeowner deliberately leaving slick spots on a driveway. You can instead show that the property owner knew about the problem and did not take steps to fix it or that the owner had a maintenance worker who ignored the problem.

Why pursue compensation?

Some Plantation victims refuse to file civil lawsuits in slip and fall cases due to embarrassment, or because they don’t want to sue a friend or a favorite store. Their mindset often changes. Even if you have health insurance, you’ll still pay more out of pocket than you ever expected for your medical bills, which can include an emergency room visit and continuing appointments with your primary care physician as well as rehabilitation specialists. You could be out of work for an extended period of time, unable to pay your rent or mortgage, along with other bills. The money you receive from the negligent party or parties could pay for these expenses, and even future expenses, should it be determined that your injuries are severe.

Reach a premises liability lawyer near you in Plantation

At The Ellsley Law Firm, we know how drastically your life can change after a fall. If you’re hurt due to the carelessness of a property owner, call a Plantation slip and fall lawyer from our firm as soon as possible after your accident. If you’re not able to come to our office for a free consultation, we’ll come to your home, or even visit you in the hospital. Let our premises liability attorneys work to get you compensated while you focus on your recovery.


How much does a slip and fall lawyer near me charge?

In Plantation, civil injury cases usually are taken on 'contingency,' meaning that you won't pay a thing until and unless your attorney procures a settlement on your behalf or wins at trial.

When should I contact a premises liability attorney?

You should contact a slip and fall lawyer as soon as possible after your accident. Do not talk about the incident or sign anything until you consult with counsel. Decisions you make early on could drastically impact a future lawsuit.

How much is my slip and fall case worth?

Each injury case is unique, and the circumstances surrounding it will ultimately answer this question. Your initial consultation with a Plantation slip and fall attorney could give you a ballpark.