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Spinal cord injuries can impair your ability to walk and perform otherwise routine activities. The most common cause of this type of injury is a car accident. When a car strikes you from behind, your body can jolt in multiple directions, causing swelling and pressure to your lower and upper back. A serious slip and fall also could hurt also injure your spine. Falls account for more than 25% of spinal cord injuries, often to those 65 or older. Regardless of cause, if another party’s negligence caused your injuries, you need an experienced Plantation spine injury lawyer by your side as you begin the long recovery process. Experienced counsel can help protect your rights and hold the negligent responsible, securing monetary compensation for you.

What are the symptoms?

The most common sign of a spinal cord injury is loss of motion or movement. For example, when you attempt to raise your hands over your head, you might find that you can only go so far. Other symptoms of a spinal cord injury may include:

  • inability to control bowel and bladder movements
  • decrease in sexual interest or activity
  • trouble breathing
  • muscle sensations
  • changes in the way you sense and react to stimuli

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What should you do after an accident?

Do not get up until you feel comfortable doing so. At the first sign of a spinal cord injury, call 911 for assistance, as attempting to stand or move may increase the severity. Before taking you to the hospital, Plantation paramedics likely will place you on a back board that restricts your movement. Try to limit any unnecessary physical actions until you are cleared to do so by a doctor.

Complete vs. incomplete injuries

Spinal cord injuries fall into two categories: complete and incomplete. With an incomplete injury (or lesion), the severity often is minimized. Many patients find that their range of motion and sensations are limited, but not gone. Complete injuries often leave patients with no sensation or range of motion around and below the spot of the injury. A car accident or fall can lead to a diagnosis of paraplegia or complete paralysis.

Massive expenses are likely

Spinal cord injuries are expensive to treat, even if you have good insurance. Aside from frequent appointments with numerous physicians and specialists, you likely will undergo may occupational therapy and rehabilitation. Additionally, you might need money to make home improvements to accommodate your wheelchair or walker. The responsible party could be held responsible for lost wages resulting from your inability to work.

Filing suit for yourself or a loved one

Florida allows close family members to file lawsuits on the behalf of others. It’s usually limited to parents, children or spouses of injured parties, but siblings have the right to file in certain situations. At The Ellsley Law Firm, our spine injury lawyers in Plantation can help you better understand these laws and guide you through the civil process. Schedule your initial consultation with a personal injury attorney near you today to learn what type of compensation you can expect for your unique case.


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