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If you’ve been injured due to the negligence of a truck driver or trucking company in Broward County, you could be entitled to significant compensation to cover lost wages, medical bills and pain and suffering. Your best chance for a successful resolution to this type of personal injury case is retaining a highly experienced truck accident lawyer in Plantation, Florida.

Causes of semi truck accidents

Although the causes of truck accidents vary, the result often is very much the same. Serious injuries, massive property and vehicle damage and even death frequently occur when a huge big rig slams into a car. For those who survive, or for the family of the deceased, a truck accident usually means a long road to recovery. That's why you need an expert injury attorney in Plantation who will fight on your behalf while you focus on recovering.

Understanding what causes truck accidents could help you avoid them. If you know what to watch for, you are likely to be more alert and better able to react when a semi makes its first erroneous move.

The leading causes of truck accidents are:

  • driver fatigue. Although this might seem like the No. 1 cause of truck accidents resulting in injuries, surprisingly, it isn’t. Falling asleep behind the wheel does happen, but it’s rare. When it does occur, it's often attributed to a medical condition that wasn’t diagnosed as of the driver’s last physical.
  • distracted driving. Driving while distracted encompasses a wide range of activities, from texting to eating to changing the radio station while driving. The state of Florida forbids drivers from texting and driving. Commercial vehicle operators found in violation of the law are fined heavily for each punishable offense.
  • speeding. Driving at a high rate of speed is among the leading causes of truck accidents. An 800,000-lb. truck becomes exponentially more dangerous every mile over the speed limit.
  • faulty brakes. Trucks with failing brakes cause numerous accidents on Florida roadways. Regular safety checks are imperative, as they prevent potential problems from occurring. Often, road-weary drivers or the trucking companies that employ them let these checks lapse, greatly increasing the chances of a brake malfuction.
  • tailgating. Trucks require a lot of room to safely slow down or stop. But often, truckers get too close to the vehicle in front of them, reducing their chances of appropriately reacting if the lead car hits the brakes. Especially at high rates of speed, slowing or stopping suddenly can easily lead to catastrophe.

If a truck accident was caused by any of the above factors, the victims or their families could retain a Plantation truck accident lawyer to file suit against the negligent party. If, for example, it can be proven that a truck driver drove beyond the weekly hourly limit as defined by state law, the trucking company also could be held liable for knowingly allowing the driver to break the law. In a case like this, a lawsuit could have multiple defendants, all liable for damages.

Personal Injury & Wrongful Death

Regulations often are not followed

Truck accidents can be devastating for everyone involved. Given the sheer potential for death, injury and damage, the trucking industry is subject to considerable State and Federal safety regulations and oversight. While there are many different causes of big rig crashes, negligence often is at the root. To stay in business, trucking fleet operators must comply with substantial rules and regulations related to the mechanical condition of their vehicles as well as the well-being of their drivers. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration was put in place in 2000 to prevent injuries and fatalities involving commercial vehicles, and its regulations are vast. Sometimes it can be proven that these regulations were not followed by the trucking companies. Examples include failure to monitor fatigued drivers or delays in scheduled big rig maintenance. Either could have catastrophic consequences on the road.

Because personal injury, property damage and economic losses tend to be magnified in truck accident cases, the level of compensation often is higher than accidents involving only cars. Additionally, multiple parties could be held responsible, including the driver and the company that employs the driver. Our big rig accident attorneys in Plantation specialize in cases involving big rig crashes, and our Firm will be able to determine who likely is liable and responsible for the injuries you suffered. The Ellsley Law Firm will aggressively pursue them on your behalf.

Their lawyers will be ready. Will you?

Trucking and insurance companies often assemble formidable legal teams to protect against accident claims because they know that their potential losses can be significant. And they’ll likely succeed, unless you retain a skilled truck accident law firm to take them on.

Signing a low-ball settlement with a trucking company's insurance firm not only deprives you of the compensation you rightly deserve for your suffering, but it gives them a free pass. A slap on the wrist won’t invoke change like a substantial judgment against, or a large settlement.

By formulating effective legal strategies, our truck accident lawyers can combat the large insurance companies and help you recover damages from the negligent party or parties. These damages could include compensation for medical bills, lost wages, lost future wages and pain and suffering.

We work on a contingency basis, meaning you don't pay us anything unless we win or settle your case. Reach a Plantation truck accident attorney now to schedule a free consultation.


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