Florida construction sites can be one of the most dangerous places to work on a daily basis. Serious injury and even death can occur as a result of a construction accident in Florida. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the most frequent types of workplace fatalities in Florida in 2008 were attributed to construction accidents which include:

  • highway construction incidents (64 fatalities);
  • falls to a lower level (29 fatalities); and
  • being struck by an object or equipment (25 fatalities).

As a safety measure, prime contractors at Florida construction sites do implement training programs.

Some common training used to prevent a construction accident in Florida includes:

  • how to use dangerous equipment;
  • how to lift heavy objects; and
  • how to spot exhaustion and overexertion.

In addition to training programs, it’s quite common for a property owner or contractor to have their own safety measures or rules in place at Florida construction sites. The safety rules may be general or tailored to a specific project.

After a construction accident in Florida, proof that the owner or contractor’s safety rules were violated could serve as the basis for a Florida personal injury claim.

At the federal level, the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) also provides safety regulations. Typically, a prime contractor or general contractor is responsible for implementing OSHA-compliant procedures. When injuries do occur as a result of a construction accident in Florida, sometimes all that must be shown to prove a contractor’s negligence is that an OSHA regulation was violated and that an injury occurred as a result.

Even with safety measures, injuries can occur from a construction accident in Florida. When this happens, you’ll want to consult with a Fort Lauderdale construction accident lawyer to learn if you are eligible to file a Florida personal injury claim against a liable third-party. An Overview of a Construction Accident in Florida.

While all construction workers have the right to file a Florida Workers’ Compensation claim, if your Florida construction accident lawyer can provide evidence that a third-party contributed to your accident injuries, you may be able to file a Florida personal injury claim.

When to Contact a Fort Lauderdale Construction Accident Lawyer

Florida laws change constantly and the insurance company handling your claim will be most concerned with preserving their bottom line. This is why you should have someone with the legal know-how in your corner from the start! Contact Ellsley Sobol, P.L at 954-888-7720 or toll-free 888-258-6914 to speak with an experienced Fort Lauderdale construction accident lawyer who can begin to work on your case right away and represent you at no cost until a recovery is made.